Chapter of the Year 2013-14

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The annual chapter of the year award is intended to recognize the incredible work within BLSA Canada chapters to further this organization’s mission. This year, BLSA Canada chapters engaged in some exciting and inspiring work within their respective faculties.

Congratulations to BLSA Osgoode for earning the 2013-14 BLSA Canada Chapter of the Year Award! This year's BLSA Osgoode executive is pictured below (absent: Darcel Bullen and Roger Macintosh).

Osgoode BLSA ExecutiveThis chapter’s work was truly representative of the 2013-14 national theme: youth empowerment. BLSA Osgoode stood out for some stellar efforts to promote increased representation of black students in law school, which is foundational to BLSA Canada’s mission. A stunning number of fundraising events occurred at Osgoode to help provide LSAT bursaries worth over $1000 to four pre-law students, enabling them to pay tuition for LSAT prep. They also prioritized mentorship efforts this year. They invited 60 high school students to their faculty to establish strong mentorship relationships. As well, they engaged with a number of prospective law students to assist in their law school application preparations. BLSA Osgoode also shone in its scholastic and community outreach efforts.

There were other chapters that also deserve our congratulations. Honorary mention goes to Dalhousie University’s BLSA chapter (DBLSA) and the University of Ottawa’s chapter (BLSA Ottawa).

Some highlights from DBLSA include excellent professional development efforts and annual initiatives. Notably, the chapter was also an incredible conference host for the 23rd annual national conference.

BLSA Ottawa's achievements included efforts to bring the arts into the projects that were run this year. The chapter is also working to develop an innovative probono effort.

Thank you to the constituents who undertook to nominate their chapters. We look forward to seeing this level of excellence among the chapters next year. Thank you all for your ongoing commitment to BLSA Canada’s mission!

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